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Press for Sole Bonding (ISP-C)

Download Specs KB (pdf)

Version entirely pneumatic therefore economical, able to seal all shoes. Very easy to use, this machine has many advantages:

  • Diaphragms easily interchangeable (few seconds) with a swift dismantling of the clamp.
  • Two windows on the top of the bell allow to control during the bonding.
  • Easily interchangeable form height.
  • Automatically adjustable form height.
  • Ten diaphragms available different following the applications.
  • Economical and resistant.

Options possible:

  • Swing out jack for boot.
  • Double pressure (a low and a high).
  • Height setting of the shoe support automatically.
  • The single station press can adjust on a rotary sole press of 3, 4 or 6 stations.