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Steam Toe Press Model C (STP-D)

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  • The Steam Toe Press is designed to both condition uppers and activate box toes for easy, precise toe lasting.
  • Utilizing either steam of dry heat, all types of materials can be prepared to provide the best lasting results.
  • This two station machine is universal in use with a range of temperature setting to handle all materials.
  • Unit installation water supply can be either tap water or bottle reservoir.
  • The steam pad has a fabric covering of high temperature Teflon impregnated cloth for soil resistance and durability.



80 lbs./in.2 (5.6 Bar)
0.8 scfm (22/liter/min.)


220 V, 50/60 Hz, 15A single phase
3.3 kW peak, 2.3kW average


110 lbs. (50kg)

Dimensions without -

Bottle reservoir:

23W x 24L x 16H in.
(864W x 610L x 660H mm)

Dimensions with -

Bottle reservoir:

34W x 24L x 26H in.
(864W x 610L x 660H mm)


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