Lasting Machines

Puller and Lasters Model A (PAL-A)

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Up to 250 pairs per hour!
That's what we believe the PAL is capable of doing. The PAL incorporates all the latest toe lasting technology. It is built to last not only fine footwear but all types of heavy work and sport shoes.

  • Swing toe hold down for better visibility.
  • Inclined shoe rest provides for easier presentation of upper into pincer.
  • Efficient, cost-saving rod-type adhesive system.
  • Seven pincer with enhanced pincer design increases short stock lasting ability.
  • Optional vamp length gauge enables operators to maintain high quality.
  • Easily adjustable heel lock system.
  • Quick change from flat to welt lasting.
  • Powerful toe clamping band for heavy uppers.
  • Production rates of up to 200 pairs per hour.
  • Manual pincer draft permits quick vamp position correction.
  • Provisions for horizontal draft and ball lasting pull.



80 lbs./in.2 (5.6 Bar)
14.7 scfm (424 liters/min.)


208-240V, 50/60 Hz, 15A single phase, 1.9 kW peak, 1.8 kW average


1500 lbs. (680kg)


38W x 42D x 70H inches
(965W x 1,066D x 1,778H mm)