Lasting Machines

Automatic Side and Heel Laster Model G02 (ASHL-G02)

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The Automatic Side & Heel Laster range of machines available from International Shoe Machine are improved to meet today's more demanding conditions. In addition to the unique side pad system, the ASHL-G02 has been updated to allow much higher production totals and requires greatly reduced operator setting. It will cement shoes, on the insole, starting in the toe or seat, depending on the shoe style being produced, or to fit in with existing toe lasters.

Because the upper is equally distributed from toe to seat, prior to lasting, this machine is much more pattern tolerant than machines which only waist and seat last. Lasting margins can be reduced as a result. The nozzles trace the insole to within 2" (50mm) from the toe, and put one or two beads of cement to provide good adhesion over the lasted margin. The nozzles easily cement under the margin of uppers flanged in the heel area. The side pad system is much more tolerant of large patterns, than systems using rollers for lasting.

Quick release side pads make the machine more versatile. Pad boxes, which draft the upper without using pincers, before wiping in the lasted margin, give all International Shoe Machine ASHL machines the edge on quality.

  • New PLC control system gives faster smoother and more reliable operation than other machines.
  • The ASHL-G02 cycles with cement extruded onto the insole either from Toe to Seat or Seat to Toe at the press of a switch.
  • Full side lasting, including the joint or ball area, from infants size 4 (19) to size 12 men's (47).
  • Motorized controls for pad height and heel height adjustment. Shoes with heel up to 3"-3 1/2'" (75-90mm) are lasted without the need to joint last.
  • ASHL-G02 will last a full range of footwear, including delicate satin materials and also heavy work, narrow high leg boots, sport shoes in any material and welted shoes.
  • New cement application system, speeds up cementing and production and reduces adjustments needed to set up for different lasts and styles.
  • Typical cycle times form loading the shoe to loading the next shoe:
  • Children's: 5 seconds per shoe
  • Ladies: 6.5 seconds per shoe
  • Men's: 8 seconds per shoe.

The ASHL-G02 has been considerably simplified with the new PLC controls and new cement system and is more reliable. It is simple to operate and service. Your own personnel can easily prolong the machine's peak performance with the infrequently required maintenance. Should additional service be required, our service technician is available for assistance.



80 lbs./in.2 (5.6 Bar)
7.2 cfm (203 liter/min.)


208-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 10A single phase, 2.0 kW peak, 1.5 kW average


1262 lbs. (573 kgs.)


42W x 60D x 65 H in.
(1066W x 1525D x 1664H mm)